Your astrology sun sign’s got SOUL

Hey, what’s your sign?

This question always makes me laugh. It’s so cliché and yet when I meet someone I really want to know their birth sign. (Mind you, I want to know their life path number, moon sign, and moon phase, too!).

There’s a reason that people who desire compatibility want to know each other’s sun sign. It’s a genuine indicator of your habits, inclinations and expression.

It might seem impossible that one in every 12 people share the same traits because they have the same astrological sign. And yet, how many emotionally deep Scorpios do you know, or tactile Tauruses, or nurturing Cancers?

If you were going to adopt a puppy, you’d know that dogs of a specific breed would share the same habits (hey, a beagle’s gotta howl and a Dauschund’s got to dig!), and yet can have totally different personalities. Your sun sign is the same way. There are characteristics that are hard-wired into your sign that shape the way you relate to the world. This is to help your soul express itself in a way that benefits your purpose.

Contrary to popular belief, the planets don’t make you do things. They’re not causing you to act a certain way. The planets are a vibrational match for your energy. Let’s say you were born a Leo. You don’t act like a typical Leo because you’re born under that sign. Your soul chose to be born during the Leo constellation because that represented your divine intentions the best.

There’s a reason you were born at a certain time and place. Nothing is random.

Your destiny is divinely designed.

The planets in the heavens have a cosmic chemistry when you’re born that is in perfect alignment with your soul’s intention.

Knowing your sun sign is a magnificent way to illuminate your soul’s blueprint, and even shine light on those dark places in your psyche you would like to heal. You can learn immeasurable insight about your partner, parents, children, friends, and even your pets!

I highly suggest you get to know your sun sign more in depth than what you read in a weekly horoscope. It will shine light on your life and illuminate your world.

If you want to learn more about your sign from a deeper perspective, you can access my Soulful Sun Signs course. It’s a down-to-earth approach of your cosmic contract.

Have fun and shine on!


August astrology & numerology forecast – LOVE RULES!

Well, hello August!

This month will light up your world! We’re in loving, joyful Leo until August 23rd. This shiny sun sign will be joined by Jupiter, Mercury and Venus for a fun-filled, passion-fueled month. It’s a love-fest in the heavens – designed to help you create heaven on earth.

August 2014 in numerology is a 6 Universal Month which is all about LOVE, BEAUTY, and BALANCE.

In this month’s forecast video, I show you how to have more love, passion and beauty in every area of your life. So, c’mon and hop on board the love train!

If you want to make your September even more magical, join me for my California Dream Intuition Retreat. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience where I will be mentoring people for three beautiful days. If you want to take your intuition to a higher level, check out the details here.

August is such a powerfully positive month, I know some awesome experiences await you. I’d love to hear about your adventures! Leave a comment below and let me know how you’re lighting up the world.

I wish you an amazing August!



July astrology & numerology forecast – Free your soul!

July is here! Yippee!

This month brings so many welcome changes. You’ll feel the positive momentum as Mercury goes direct after three weeks in retrograde. You might have felt like all your plans were on hold and now it’s FULL SPEED AHEAD!

What you’ll experience now is a radical departure from the past six months. July 2014 is a 14/5 Universal Month which brings about CHANGE.  You want to make the right changes, because the decisions you make now can liberate you in ways you couldn’t previously imagine. In this month’s forecast, I show you how to choose FREEDOM OVER FEAR. There’s a lot of cosmic firepower in the heavens, and you want to make the most of it.

This is one of the most pivotal shifts you’ll experience all year.

Since this month is all about doing something you’ve never done before, I’m teaching my first ever astrology course! I’ll be teaching you about Manifesting with the Moon. It’s going to change the way you look at the world. Check it out here.

Leave a comment below and let me know what radical new thing you’re doing this month. I’m looking forward to hearing about your adventures!




June astrology and numerology forecast – lighten up!

June bloom is here! What a beautiful month this will be. I’m sure you can feel the energy get so much lighter.

You’ve probably been working way too hard the past two months and now it’s time to get out and enjoy yourself!

There are BIG CHANGES on the horizon for you. We’re going to be in Mercury Retrograde all month (home repairs anyone?). You can avoid all the typical chaos and confusion of this cycle if you know how to navigate the energies. This can be a super potent time for planting positive seeds for your future if you know what kind of changes to make. I’ll show you how in this month’s forecast.

I’m really looking forward to an enjoyable month with family and friends. Make sure you’re taking time to savor all the beauty around you. La dolce vita!

Have a jovial June!



Aura colors – you are a rainbow soul

People ask me all the time if I can read auras. It’s a funny question because I can read people’s auras, but I don’t always see them the way you might think. I often see textures around people to interpret their mood or beliefs. For instance, if someone is angry I can feel little spikes coming from their energy field. When someone is confused I feel swirls of energy around them like a mini tornado. And don’t even get me started on energy vampires! I can almost hear the sucking sound!

I’ve started to see colors in people’s aura. It’s a beautiful experience to see someone who’s opening their heart chakra to have a pastel pink emanating from them, or gold when some is truly stepping into their soul’s purpose. (more…)

Deja vu and seeing the future

Have you ever had déjà vu?

Before I developed my psychic abilities, I used to have déjà vu all the time. I took it as a sign that I was in the right place at the right time. Since I was always aware of past lives, I thought it meant that I had known someone or somewhere from a previous incarnation. Little did I know that many of those instances were me traveling into the future, rather than the past.

Our consciousness has the amazing ability to travel to other dimensions. You do this all the time when you sleep; it’s called astral projection. Your astral body can travel freely through time and space without the restriction of your physical body. During that time, you can visit with your spirit guides, departed loved ones, and even other dimensions. Oftentimes, you will travel into the future to glimpse into possible realities. Then, when you actually experience those situations in real time, you feel as if you’ve been there before. Because you have! (more…)

May astrology and numerology forecast – get your mojo back!

April was EPIC was it not? Phew!

I’m sure you can already feel that May’s energy is a lot lighter!  After the intensity of the Cardinal Grand Cross, now it’s time to relax, rejoice and rejuvenate!

May 2014 in numerology is a 3 Universal Month, which promotes joy, socializing and creativity. We get an extra dose of goodness because we’re in Taurus, whose ruling planet is the loving and beautiful Venus.

You’ll want to make the most of May’s marvelous energy so you can feel good and attract more of what you want.

You can ride this love train all throughout the year, so be sure to stock up on some good feelings! I’ll show you how.

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