July Astrology & Numerology forecast

Juicy July is here!

The opportunities for love this month are once in a blue moon. JULY BEGINS WITH A CELESTIAL KISS – with a conjunction between Venus (our planet of love) and Jupiter (our planet of expansion), all during a bodacious full moon. We are blessed with two full moons this month, lighting up your intuition and illuminating your passions. (more…)

July’s Love is Once in a Blue Moon


You might still be buzzing from the light of June’s Solstice.

The Solstice is initiated as our Sun moves into 0 degrees Cancer – a time of pure potential and spiritual protection. The Solstice is a magical transitional time, when the veils between the heaven and earth are lifted, giving you a glimpse into the light of your soul, and the soul of nature.

No matter where you live in the world, this is a time to celebrate your LIGHT – above and below, within and around you. Your inner light will be shining more brightly now, connecting you more deeply to your FEELINGS, and illuminating your INTUITION. You’re going to be connecting deeper to your inner light all month, as it illuminates your path. (more…)

Archangel Michael is your spiritual warrior


Your in good hands in the wings of an angel.

If you’re looking to feel more confident, be more positive, and live fearlessly, call upon Archangel Michael. You can call upon him for anything.

Archangel Michael is known as the leader among Archangels. His name means, “he who is like God”, because he is your unlimited resource for love and protection. His chief function is to free you from negativity and fear, and assist you in fulfilling your divine purpose.

When you begin to work with Archangel Michael, your life will forever be changed for good. He’s your go-to resource for everything! (more…)

Be an empowered empath – psychic, sensitive and strong!


Sensitive is the new strong!

If you are an empath, because you are sensitive to energy, you might want to avoid social situations. You can feel depleted by other people and environments, and therefore stay in your own little world.

The problem with this, is that you are depriving yourself of the emotional nourishment you crave, and you are denying the world your light. (more…)

June 2015 Astrology & Numerology forecast

Well, hello joyful June!

Your adventures this month are sure to put a smile on your face. You’re guaranteed some delicious surprises filled with socializing, intuitive insights, and opportunities. (more…)

Being an empath in the modern world


Do you feel too sensitive for this world?

If you feel you get drained my other people’s energy, or that you’re a psychic sponge, you are most likely an empath. Empaths are highly sensitive beings who are natural healers. You are naturally in-tuned with other people’s energy and emotions, and have an uncanny knack for picking up the information in your environment.


Remembering past lives to heal your future


Have you ever visited somewhere and felt like you’ve lived there before?

You’ve most likely have – in a past life. Your subconscious mind is filled with past life memories that are triggered every time you meet someone you’ve known in a previous incarnation, or visit somewhere you’ve spent time during a previous life.

It happens more often than you realize. Your past lives are influencing you every day, affecting your reality and shaping your future. (more…)

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